When I Opened My Laptop

JATIKRAMAT – Today is just like another day. Nothing is special except replying some wishes through Whatsapp application. Until tonight, when I opened the lid of my Macbook and found this beautiful hand-made card from my beloved daughters on the keyboard.


I won’t type the words here, you can read it by the picture. The left page was written by Najah, my number two daughter and the ‘Abi’ character on the right was drawn by my five-year baby Maryam.


Been for years, the meaning of birthday was really nothing for me, or maybe for my entire family. We never celebrate our birthdays. I prefer contemplating myself about the journey of life that I have been through and wish the best for our family in the future.

But tonight, my heart was melted. This birthday gift really took me by surprise. And after more than one year and a half, it can force me to login to this abandoned blog and make a new entry. Yes right, only to show to the world how lucky I am as their Dad.

Alhamdulillaah ya Allah. I thank Allah for blessing me with this family. They all have been the best gifts from Allah for me. For good, for sure.


Abi loves you all, Ingga, Najah, Maryam. Thank you for giving me a spirit to carry on, to become your best superhero of a lifetime.

And of course, I love you too, Utami sweetheart, for everything, for every little wonderful thing. 💚💛💜

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